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Small Siege Rock Construction

Small Rock Construction

The instructions below are to help you to construct a SCA legal Small Siege Rock.

Supplies needed: 4 Tennis Balls, Yellow Duct Tape, 1/2 inch Strapping Tape (or 2 inch strapping tape and just pull off 1/2 inch strips). For the Optional Atlantian Stripes: White and Blue Duct Tape

Use a 1/2 inch wide strip of strapping tape to tightly hold the first three tennis balls together

Use another 1/2 inch wide strip of strapping tape to tightly hold the fourth tennis ball to tow of the other three

Use two more 1/2 inch wide strips of strapping tape to firmly secure all the tennis balls together.

Use the yellow duct tape to completely cover the Tennis balls.

Label the rock. The label *MUST* include your SCAdian Name, your Kingdom, your Local Group or Household. It is also recommended that your Email address be included. Including your heraldry helps in picking out your ammo from the pile at larger events. The best label seems to be a printed piece of paper, cut out, and then stuck to the rock using clear plastic tape with a piece of duct tape covering the ends of the plastic tape.

** OPTIONAL ** Using a 1 inch wide strip of blue duct tape with a 1/2 inch wide strip of white duct tape over it, create an "Atlantian Stripe" around your ammo. This helps us to quickly separate out the Atlantian ammo from the rest at large wars like Pennisc and Gulf Wars. Typically in the past we have not sorted out individual ammo until the end of the wars.

The very last step is to drill a small hole, no larger then 1/16th of an inch, into the top of each of the 4 tennis balls. This allows the pressure out of each ball so it can compress on impact or when stepped on.

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