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Combat Engine Rules 

There are a series of rules which govern Siege in the SCA Combat, the highest level being the Society Siege Rules which apply to all engines, structures, and crew everywhere on the SCA Combat Field. Below them are the Atlantian Siege Rules which only apply to engines, structures, and crew operating in the Kingdom of Atlantia.  At this time Atlantia uses the SCA Rules without modification.
The SCA rules can be viewed at the Society Siege Website.

Table Top Competition Rules
CLICK HERE for Table Top Siege rules put together by the Siege Guild Master and the Deputy Earl Marshal for Siege. The rules cross the dual goals of the guild to both promote the A&S aspect as well as the combat aspect of Siege, while keeping the bystanders safe and the competition fun for all.

Siege MIT Program
To help keep track of and document your progress through the Siege MIT process please print out the Siege MIT Form and take it with you to any event where you will be working as an MIT. CLICK HERE for the Requirements and Guidelines which must be met to become a Siege Marshal.

Ballista Bolt Tip Construction
The the SCA rules have officially changed. CLICK HERE for instructions written by Master Jean Paul, OL. CLICK HERE for an alternate construction method written by Hrelgar. Either of these instructions will create tips that will pass the new rules.

Ballista Bolt Fin Construction
The rules for Fins on Ballista Bolts have changed, but are not yet reflected in the published rules. CLICK HERE for instructions written by Baron Jonathas, which have been reviewed and passed by the Society Siege Marshal. These instructions will create fins that will pass the new rules.

Ballista Bolt Fin Jig Construction
CLICK HERE FOR instructions that will help you to build a jig to mount the new tube fins onto the bolt shaft at consistant slight angle which will make the bolt fly straighter.

Small Rock Construction
Since a number of questions have come up on how to make a small siege rock, CLICK HERE for instructions to help everyone quickly build a large stash of rocks which will pass inspection every time.
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