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The Siege community has created its own society wide shooting competition, called the Interkingdom Siege Weapon Challenge (ISWC). This shoot was designed to measure the skill, and challenge the prowess of engines an engineers across the whole of the SCA.
CLICK HERE External Link for the rules for the Interkingdom Siege Weapon Challenge.

If you are the Autocrat or MIC of an event which will be including Siege or would like to include Siege, contact the following people to arrange adding Siege to your event:

-For Northern Atlantian events, please contact Lord Matthew at makeck AT gmail DOT com or Baron Jonathas at Jonathas AT RedFoxDen DOT org.

-For Southern Atlantian events, please contact Baroness Bessenyei Rozsa at rozsa AT ebonwoulfe DOT com.

If you would like your event to be added to the Calendar below contact Lord Matthew at makeck AT gmail DOT com.

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