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How to wrap an arm

What does "Wrapping an arm for 2 inches every 6 inches" mean?


What does "Wrapping an arm for 2 inches every 6 inches" mean?

This is a hard one to describe in text, but here goes (with supporting photos). Run a rope down the length of the arm from one end to the other.  The rope should be appropriately strong so that if the arm breaks at the worst moment the rope is strong enough to keep the large pieces tied togeather. Over that rope wind jute cord tightly around the arm and rope for a minimum of 2 inches.  Then give it a maximum of a 6 inch gap, then do another winding.  


What is the best glue to use for the arm wrapping?

The best glue to use is a watered down some exterior wood glue (1 part water to 3 or 4 parts glue, just enough to thin it down some) use an old paint brush and paint the glue mixture over the rope and jute cord.  Get enough glue on the winding that it soaks competely though the cord and contacts the arm underneath.  The rope should also be soaked with glue and should appear to be "welded" to the arm with glue. When I do this I usually sit the arm on one side, paint/pour the glue on the top, wait for it to dry, turn it to the next side paint/pour that side, and continue till all four sides are done like this.

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