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Red Scorpion

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Red Scorpion-
Red Scorpion
Red Scorpion

Type: Onager
Owner:     Jonathas Reinisch
Status:     Combat Ready
Location: Dun Carraig (Southern MD)
Contact Info: Jonathas AT DunCarraig.net

This is the fourth generation of my onager design, the first being the table top engine "Dry Heave", the second and third being full sized engines named "Up-Chuck" (see link below). Along with a redesign following Up-Chuck's torsion box structural failure, Red was completely rebuilt using 2 inch thick Red Oak planks. The redesign added a full 2 feet to the throwing arm length, which is now a 7' - 2" x 3.5" piece of Ash, over two feet to the chassis length, and nearly 100 pounds to the weight. To handle the additional stresses, the torsion box now has doubled up 2" Oak side walls, and the tensioner which hold the skiens are now made out of steel machined to the right dimensions. New on this engine is a range guage to be able to continue to shoot the same distance once the correct distance is found, and a quick adjustment pin to change the angle of release easily.

Back View of Red Scorpion
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